Electric Wheelchair Battery

How To Choose The Right Electric Wheelchair Battery?

As every user of an electric wheelchair must should know the basic components of this equipment including the electric wheelchair battery and the correct usage procedure. Panasonic Wheelchair BatteryBecause if not used properly an electric wheelchair battery can easily end up having a very short life. In addition, wrong use of the battery can lead to invalidation of the battery’s warranty. It is therefore necessary to learn how to keep the electric wheelchair battery properly charged and stored safely so that there is less need to replace it with a costly replacement battery.

Two Types of Wheelchair Batteries

Before understanding how to maintain the electric wheelchair battery it is necessary to realize that there are two main types of such batteries. Firstly, there is the Sealed Lead Acid battery or SLA and secondly, there is the GEL mobility scooter battery.

In the case of an SLA electric wheelchair battery you must first of all give it a charge of sixteen hours and in case the battery does not get fully charged it will then be necessary to use the battery and recharge it for at least ten more charges before it is able to reach its maximum capacity. One other important factor that needs to be taken into account whilst using your electric wheelchair battery is to remember that you should never allow the battery to completely discharge it. Doing so will invalidate your insurance and also lead to shorter battery life.

Another important consideration with regard to proper use of your electric wheelchair battery is that you need to be especially careful about the kind of battery charger you use for charging it. It is quite unwise to use an SLA battery charger to charge up a GEL battery because it would mean damaging the GEL battery and perhaps even causing it to explode.

You will also need to ensure that the battery charger you use for charging your electric wheelchair battery is of the proper capacity which means that the amperage of the battery charger must be between ten and twenty percent. This in turn means using a battery charger of between four and eight amperes when charging an electric wheelchair battery of forty amperes.

There are also many who need to use commercial wheelchair lifts and are willing to pay the more than ten thousand dollar price tag to solve their mobility problems.

Finally, before using an electric wheelchair battery you also need to ensure that you follow the instructions given by manufacturers to the T, and in case of any doubts you can always contact the dealer for more advice and clarifications.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts Make Life A Lot Easier

If you can’t walk or you have trouble walking, you often need assistance to get around. That’s why a lot of people use wheelchairs to help them get from here to there. It’s hard, though, for people in wheelchairs to get in and out of vehicles. They often need to be helped in and out of the vehicle by another person and then the wheelchair needs to be stowed away in the back or the trunk. However, with the help of wheelchair lifts, the wheelchair and the person can be hoisted into the vehicle effortlessly. There are wheelchair lifts for vans and cars alike, which make life a lot easier for the person who relies on a wheelchair to get around.

Fitted For Your Vehicle

If you’re interested in a wheelchair lift, you will need to hire a company to install one for you. You often can tell your dealership which will assist you in the work it takes to install a wheelchair lift on whatever type of vehicle you have. Vans are usually better suited for wheelchair lifts as the person and the wheelchair will fit better in a larger space such as a van provides. However, no matter what type of vehicle you have, you are sure to be able to fit a wheelchair lift onto it so that the person can be hoisted in with just the push of a lever.

Parking Spaces

If you look at handicapped parking spaces these days, you may notice that they are bigger than normal spaces. That’s because many vehicles now have wheelchair lifts attached to them. The extra space allows the wheelchair lift to descend next to the car, which requires a little extra space. That means that anywhere there are handicapped spaces, it’s likely you’ll have enough room to utilize your wheelchair lift.

No More Inconvenience

If you require a wheelchair to get around, you don’t want to be inconvenienced anymore. There are many ways to make life easier and wheelchair lifts are just one of them. There are many places that sell wheelchair lifts, such as those stores that sell wheelchairs. No longer do you have to be helped in and out of vehicles. You can now just roll your wheelchair up to the wheelchair lift, you can be hoisted into the vehicle and then you can either drive away or you can be driven to anywhere you need to go.

Folding Wheelchair

It is obvious that a folding wheelchair is much more flexible than a wheelchair with a rigid frame. It is definitely your decision, whether you want to use a rigid or a folding frame. The main advantage of a folding wheelchair is its power to accommodate the surface especially when moving over uneven surfaces. The chair’s frame helps to keep all the wheels on the ground. Of course, if the surface is hard, a wheelchair with a rigid frame is better. Please note that not all folding wheelchairs are portable. While they can be carried with ease, there are wheelchairs specifically made that fit into the portable wheelchair category.

Cost of Folding Wheelchair

The price of a folding wheelchair is anything between $1000 and $3500. It is important for you to try out both the rigid and the folding varieties, before you invest in one. A folding wheelchair has many advantages, but it has several disadvantages too.

Pros of Folding Wheelchair

The biggest advantage of the folding wheelchair is its folding quality. It is very convenient to just fold it for car transport. You don’t have to remove any parts when you fold it, the folding wheelchair can just be stowed away in the folding position. A standard wheelchair, on the other hand, needs a large van to be transported.

Since it is very flexible, all the four wheels remain on the ground especially when the surface is rough. The leg-rests of the folding wheelchair are swing-away, whereas the wheelchairs with rigid frames have fixed front ends. Storing is very easy, as it folds very neatly and easily and can be easily put away in small homes, even where space is a problem.

Cons of Folding Wheelchair

Since a folding wheelchair is often opened up and folded , its adjustable and removable parts tend to break easily or get lost. But these numerous movable parts are much easier to repair than in the rigid frame wheelchairs, because they are not as rigidly built. For certain activities it is not strong enough and could collapse. In most of the folding wheelchairs the angle of the seat cannot be adjusted.

A folding wheelchair is definitely heavier than a rigid one, and hence it is harder to push it. Durability is also lower than the rigid models. If there are any moving parts in a machine, the wear and tear of these parts is much more than the immovable parts, and that is exactly the case here.

The advantages of a folding wheelchair are by far greater than the rigid one, and hence it is the more popular type. In a competition, disabled athletes prefer to use a folding one, because it is heavier, more comfortable and at the same time versatile. A folding power wheelchair is even better for the athletes. Above all, the freedom and access of movement is much more in a folding wheelchair. It is popular because it is simple, sturdy and functional.

Portable Wheelchair

Portable Wheelchair Helps Improve Quality Of Life

In the important role that mobility plays in the lives of many of those with physical handicaps, a portable wheelchair may vastly improve a person’s quality of life. Allowing them to get out and about with the need for someone else to move them around, a portable wheelchair can give them the independence they need and desire to help them live with more freedom. With the passage of the American Disability Act, nearly every government building and places of business have made wheelchair access a requirement and is offering the benefits to those unable to walk on their own.

In the not-so-distant past, wheelchairs were large and bulky, restricting their use to the person’s home or medical facility in which they were confined. Their freedom to move about was restricted by the size of these unwieldy contraptions and being able to get out of the confines of their home was vastly limited. With the introduction of the portable wheelchair, their freedom to enjoy a better life was increased.

Many newer models of the portable wheelchair are light enough for the average person to lift and many of the folding models can be stored in the trunk of most vehicles. The handicapped person can use their wheelchair to get into a vehicle and again when they arrive at their destination. Most major companies also offer the free us of their own portable wheelchair, ending the need for many to take their own with them.

Helping The Handicapped Improve Their Mobility

With the use of a portable wheelchair, many patients find that getting in and out of their own home more like a barrier to the outside world. Even those with a ramp on their homes to get outside may be stymied in using their portable wheelchair at their location. If they use a van, listing it in and out of the cargo area can be a weighty proposition unless the vehicle is equipped with a portable wheelchair ramp.

Of the many advantages of these devices is their ability to be used in more than one vehicles. Some vehicles are equipped with permanent ramps to allow portable wheelchair users to get in and out of their own vehicles, but if they must ride with someone else, they may not have that option. The use of a portable wheelchair will remain restricted to areas in which they can be operated with ease, but in today’s handicapped-friendly environment, their use is becoming more readily accepted.

Motorized Wheelchair

Tips On How To Buy The Right Motorized Wheelchair

In the past wheelchair was a simple device with wheels attached to a chair. Fortunately, there are many more choices available today for those seeking mobility devices to help people remain mobile even if they have certain kinds of disabilities that prevent them from moving under their own volition. The motorized wheelchair is a new advancement that allows disabled folks to move about; however, they can be quite costly and so before purchasing one you need to be familiar with its features as well as its minuses and plus points.

Motorized Wheelchair -Expensive Device?

The typical price that you will have to pay to own a motorized wheelchair would fall in the range of between five thousand to thirty thousand dollars and how much you end up paying will depend to a large extent on how much customization goes into your motorized wheelchair. The bright side about buying such a mobility device is that you can get Medicare to pay the cost – provided certain criterion is met.

To be eligible for Medicare funded purchase of a motorized wheelchair you need to be disabled to the extent that you are in need of assistance with having to bathe, dress as well as visit the toilet. In addition, you must also not be able to make-do with using a cane, manual wheel chair or walker to qualify for Medicare.

Safety is the most important aspect to buying a motorized wheelchair and it should be given even more consideration when the motorized wheelchair is to be used by infirm people and by very young kids. In addition, you will need to be very careful about how you use such a mobility device in the outdoors, especially when using it on gravel or dirt – when the electric wheelchair can become very unsteady.

Another consideration to buying a motorized wheelchair is that it is not a device that folds up when not in use and this means needing to have enough storage space and even buying a van in order to transport the motorized wheelchair with you when you travel. Also, you will need to ensure that when using the motorized wheelchair you always wear the safety belts, and in addition, you need to also ensure that the wheelchair also comes equipped with foot straps to prevent your feet from slipping whilst the motorized wheelchair is in motion.

As mentioned, Medicare motorized wheelchair is one option that you should consider, especially if you are unable to bear the costs of acquiring such a wheelchair on your own. Other than that, provided you follow these simple guidelines, you should not face any difficulties in buying and using a suitable motorized wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are mobility devices that are used in order to facilitate movement of people that have become incapacitated, are sick or otherwise disabled and who cannot move without using an aid. A wheelchair looks like a chair that has been mounted on wheels and it is a device that can be propelled either manually or with the help of electricity. Thanks to the wheelchair, handicapped people are now able to move about without needing any other person to assist them. Let us take a closer look at this equipment which millions of people find useful.

Find a Wheelchair to Suit Your Needs

Electric wheelchairs, as the name implies is a wheelchair that is driven with the help of electric current. At the very heart of every electric wheelchair lies a motor, and the electric wheelchair is readily available for about fifteen hundred dollars. In fact, there are several different models available that will each suit different types of user needs.

However, a few main features are common to every electric wheelchair and these should be carefully considered before you purchase such form of mobility device. You must pick your electric wheelchair so that it can properly handle your body weight and your body too should also fit in well in the seat. In addition, you need to decide whether you are going to be using your electric wheelchair outdoors or indoors, and in addition, you also need to carefully weigh the power source as well as warranties and of course the cost before choosing a particular make and model.

Electric wheelchairs suit those people the most who have major problems related to moving around unaided and who do not or cannot propel them while using their own body strength. Commonly, a paralytic, infirm, person with heavy body weight as well as those with broken or weakened bones are prime candidates for using electric wheelchairs.

An electric wheelchair is pretty simple to operate and it can be quite good to maneuver as well; often, easily rotating in a complete circle without much fuss or bother. In addition, these mobility devices operate very silently; the only real problem with them is that they require a fair amount of maintenance.

An electric wheelchair lift is another useful device that offers users a number of advantages. In fact, modern technology is making it possible to create ever more useful and efficient electric wheelchairs, and in fact, many models are available today that address individual requirements very effectively. Among different kinds of electric wheelchairs to choose from there are those that are rear driven, those that are front driven and there are also those that are mid-wheel driven.

Portable Personal Sauna

Portable personal sauna has risen in popularity these days. In order to attend to the convenience needs of the people, this type of sauna has been crafted and built. Today, it is never difficult to find time for a sauna bath because of the portable personal sauna. Since you would be able to use them conveniently at home, you wouldn’t really need to visit some fitness centers for a relaxing steam bath.

Thanks to the portable dry sauna and other types of such equipment that we are now able to enjoy a comforting warm bath in our own homes. We can now have the benefit of enjoying on a sauna bath without having to go to crowded places. By merely setting it up in your own home, you’d get a sauna steam bath experience that is far different from the usual steam bath you get to experience in public facilities.

Portable Personal Sauna – Ease Of Use

The portable personal sauna is easy to set up at home. From the word “personal” alone, it means something which can be used individually or which caters to the need of one person only. This type of sauna is usually for singles and is typically used in smaller homes or apartments. Because they are generally small compared to other portable sauna systems, it is never really difficult to put them up even inside your own rooms!

Portable Personal Sauna – Keeping It Personal

A portable personal sauna is good for those people who want to enjoy a relaxing bath by themselves. If you do meditation together with your steam bath, then getting a portable personal sauna would be recommended for you. It provides you with much privacy compared to the other types of sauna systems available over the market today.

Portable Personal Sauna – Health Benefits

You’ll never get to miss the health benefits of the portable personal sauna even if it caters for one individual alone. Although this may provide the needs of a single individual, you’ll get to have the same bath experience as the other sauna systems sold over the market. The only difference is that you’d be the only one to fit in this “sauna room” and you’d be able to enjoy the bath on your own.

Portable Personal Sauna – Giving You A Break

A portable personal sauna is one good way to give yourself a break. Whether you are at home or you are planning to travel some place else, you can always choose to bring this sauna system with you and enjoy the benefits wherever and whenever you want to go. It wouldn’t be difficult including the sauna system in your baggage because the parts are easily attached and detached for convenience purposes. With this portable sauna on hand, you’d surely get to enjoy a relaxing break from your busy and buzzing life.

Infrared Home Sauna

How to Buy an Infrared Home Sauna

If you are interested in buying an infrared home sauna, there are a few things that you are going to want to know to ensure that you come out of it all with the best possible results.

Before You Buy a Home Sauna…

Before you buy a sauna, whether that be an infrared home sauna, steam sauna, or any other type, one of the first things you are going to need to decide is where the sauna is going to be located. You will need to find an area in your home that is going to be large to contain the sauna and still give people room to enter in and out. Because the sauna is going to be so hot, you are going to want to make sure that it is in its own room.

You are going to need to determine what the electrical necessities are going to be for your sauna, for instance a larger sauna may need a 240 volt power source and a hard wired breaker in your electrical panel, while a smaller model may only need about 120 volts to run.

This is information that you are going to need to figure out beforehand, so that you can find the right location in your home for it.

Another factor you are going to need to consider when buying an infrared home sauna is what kind of plumbing you are going to need. If you are going with the wet infrared home sauna for instance, you are going to need to ensure that you have a proper water source.

Size is also going to be an issue for anyone purchasing an infrared home sauna. You want to keep the ceiling low, around seven feet if you are building your own unit. Size really matters here and is going to be crucial for you to take into consideration.

Keep in mind that there are various sauna kits available if you feel handy and think that you could manage the task of installing the sauna yourself. If you are ever having problems or just want to get the job done quickly, there are plenty of professionals out there who you can hire and, for a price of course, will come in and get the job done for you.

Having an infrared sauna, whether it is in your home or business, will be a worthy investment, and definitely something that should be considered in the right cases.

Steam Sauna

The Steam Sauna Is Becoming Increasingly More Popular By The Day

In the beginning, saunas were designed as holes that were carved into a hillside and in which a fire was built to provide heat and smoke from which people got many therapeutic benefits. Now-a-days, families are using saunas as a means to socialize and it is not uncommon to find entire families taking a sauna together, and this is understandable as there are also many benefits obtainable from using a steam sauna. These saunas work by placing rocks in a circular fashion and on top of these rocks is built a fire. After the fire burns down, water is poured on the rocks which give rise to steam.

Modern Steam Sauna

In these modern times, the caves have given way to rooms which are constructed in small huts or even in small-sized structures though rocks still need to be heated and this is done in various ways including by using electricity as well as propane. However, modern steam saunas still require pouring water over the heated rocks in order to obtain steam.

Today, it is even possible to purchase a steam sauna that is especially designed to work inside a home, or you can even opt for a portable system that can be used outdoors. The modern steam sauna is a lot different from its original concept; however, the effects are more or less the same. One of the advantages of using a steam sauna is that it will help you relax and it also provides excellent therapeutic effects. In addition, by sweating you will be able to rid the body of waste as well as toxins which get expelled through pores in your skin, and this in turn keeps the inside of your skin cleansed out and refreshed.

Once you have used the steam sauna, you then need to ensure that you take a shower so that you are able to clean away any dirt that may be sticking to your skin. In any case, when sitting in a steam sauna you will soon begin to notice that your body temperature will begin to raise thereby causing improvement in circulation and it also makes the heart beat a bit faster as well. In effect, you will be getting the same benefits as are derived when doing a cardio workout and your body too will become transformed from the inside as well.

The popularity of the steam sauna continues to grow, mainly because more and more people are realizing that it is possible to get many benefits from it. There is a lot to gain by relaxing in a sauna steam room including getting away from the daily stresses and strains. With many different varieties of steam saunas being manufactured today, you are now able to pick and choose one that will suit your needs the best; including choosing from portable and assembled steam saunas.

Portable Sauna Review

Portable Sauna Review – Your Guide In Making The Right Purchase

A lot of people today visit a sauna spa to enjoy each and every benefit that it can provide for their bodies. However, there are times when an individual becomes too busy that going to a spa is difficult to squeeze in one’s daily schedule. For this reason, several types of portable saunas have been made in order to suit to the needs of different people and of various lifestyles.

No matter which type of sauna product you purchase, there is only one little to remember, and that is – read a credible portable sauna review and compare brands before making the purchase. Reading the portable sauna review will help you know which item to buy and which product to avoid. Of course, you have top read reliable reviews so you can be sure that the right advices are given to you.

Portable Sauna Review: The Right Qualities

A portable sauna review would tell you of the advantages and disadvantages of a product. It is important to remember that not all items are crafted perfect; so you should always weigh the characteristics of a product to make you tell which of them possess better standards compared to another. More often than not, pioneering brands in portable saunas always have the edge in reviews. Because they are tried and tested to be very effective by many, they always earn the highest marks in many reviews. Of course, you should also give chance to newer brands which offer the same qualities as the pioneering brands. It would also be best to seek advice from those who have portable saunas so you would know if the brand they have has the better quality.

Portable Sauna Review: Credible Sources

A portable sauna review should always come from credible sources. Before you make the purchase, you read a portable sauna review so you would know if it is the right item for you. Credible sources often come from reliable magazines, newspapers, or house appliance stores. The internet is also a good medium for these reviews. However, the problem with internet sources is that they are not always as credible as those which are written on published magazines. If you really want to learn reviews from the net, then it would be most recommended to visit the listings or directories so you would know that you’d be getting the right reviews.

A portable sauna review is very important in determining how effective or how durable a product can be. It is always best to assess the items first before buying them so you would know if you are making the right investment on a product.